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WisQo ——one-stop Internet of Things (IoT)

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions provider that covers end-to-end smart upgrading to help enterprises maximize digital transformation value

Providing You World-Class One-Stop IoT Solutions

WisQo listens and value-adds to your business. 

Your success is our success.

Our field

WisQo is a self-developed software and hardware intelligent service (PaaS) solution provider.

Aims that helps traditional industries achieve intelligent terminal upgrades.


Currently, it focuses on applications in the field of Facade Lighting and Industrial Monitoring.

Mining industry needs

Long-term and short-term barriers & market analysis
Analysis combined with IoT technology solutions
Develop the final IoT solution

Global market layout

Promote IoT solutions with Global market platform
Provide complete end-to-end service with local service partners
Several projects have been deployed in Singapore and the United States

One-stop service

Fast \ High-quality use of existing platforms & technologies to implement software \ Hardware \ Cloud integration upgrade
\ Data Collection \ Analysis \ Utilization
Integrate the system into the Saa S platform

Efficient & Low Cost

Low operating cost \ stable \ secure cloud platform
Use data to realize preventive operation and maintenance \ manpower saving, etc.


Integrate equipment through wired or wireless methods, customize circuit boards, gateways, etc. to manage all equipment.

Dynamic acquisition

Based on Modbus, MQTT, Socket and other methods, collect real-time data information of the device.

Cloud big data storage

Cloud data center analyzes and stores terminal device data in a unified manner. Realizing the Big Data Foundation of the Internet of Things

Data analysis calculation

Based on big data algorithms, analyze and visualize real-time data, and generate alarm and warning information

Our Value Proposition

 Rapid Time to Market

 Avoid Hefty R&D Costs

 Share & Reduce Risk

Our Full Stack Team

A mature team. The complete package.

Our experienced team can fully create, customise and address all your smart upgrading needs.


We develop and customise innovative solutions for your specific needs so your product reflects your business and meets customer needs.

Core R & D

A One-Stop IoT Solution




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