The Industrial Internet of Things is an important part of the Internet of Things industry chain. According to the GSMA think tank forecast, by 2025, the number of global Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connections will reach 13.8 billion. The Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things are entering a period of rapid development.

Tend of 

      With the innovation and development of the Internet of Things technology, engineering manufacturing equipment has become more efficient and intelligent, but the maintenance of the equipment itself still faces great challenges. Poor maintenance can reduce plant productivity by 5-20%, and unplanned production disruptions cost some large manufacturers $ 50 billion annually

Application scenario


  • Real-time viewing of multiple data such as temperature, humidity, pressure and vibration

  • Real-time grasp of indicators such as availability and reliability of substations

  • Form periodic data for statistical analysis

  • Automatic alarm in case of emergency

Data center

  • Real-time viewing of multiple data such as maintenance and access records

  • Form periodic data for statistical analysis

  • Get real-time data center status

  • Automatic alarm in case of emergency

Why need change

Post-failure maintenance and regular maintenance in traditional maintenance modes will affect production efficiency and product quality, and significantly increase manufacturers' costs. As technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, machine learning, and sensors mature, predictive maintenance technologies have emerged. The Internet of Things will change the development mode of modern industry and promote the further improvement of output value

Web & App Interfaces

Design of Web, App interfaces and use of 3rd Party API voice control for new products


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