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WisQo will not bear any legal liability under circumstances stated below:


Disclose private information caused by your negligent actions.


Any circumstances caused by suspension, breakdown and so on that result from the hacking, virus invasion, blocking due to illegal and harassing content, government control or any other reasons related to network, technique communication line and information security management.

Cause losses to the user because of any third party ,such as the communication line breakdown, technical problems, the network and computer breakdown, and other cases of force majeure.The Site or WisQo products and services expressively declare that we do not guarantee timeliness, security and accuracy of the Services expressly, impliedly or in other forms .The Services include but not limited to the that.

Under no circumstances shall WisQo bear any responsibility for any indirect, consequential ,exemplary ,incidental ,exceptional or punitive damages ,including profit losses caused by using WisQo’s services.

The controller is installed between DB box and electrical appliance,please engage professional technician to install controller for safety.


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