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Problem caused by rats

Rat control is important to avoid a number of serious diseases, which rats are known to transmit. Rats also carry secondary pest in their fur such as fleas, mites and ticks.

Rats can be very persistent and if they manage to gain access into home or business premises they can spread these diseases, cause considerable damage and contaminate food.

They can destruct furniture and may cause house fire after gnawing through electrical cables.

Even rats in the garden and outside can also present tremendous risk, particularly since those areas are visited by children and pets.

Business Consequences

  • Harming image — immediate loss of trust from customers and employees especially in food processing, industrial & manufacturing and food & beverage sectors.

  • Property damage — of goods and equipment such as computers, electrical appliances, wires and pipes in offices and business premises.

  • Loss of contracts — infestations may cause product recalls and loss of contracts which can lead to financial loss and bad company reputation.

  • Fine — failure to comply with legislation could lead to business closure or fines.

Our solution – WisQo Rats Control

While a traditional solution may be able to cover some of the issues, our technology has brought us to the age where rats control can be done at our fingertips. WisQo Rats Control for rodent bait station provides real time alerts on rodent activity with an mobile App.

Features of WisQo Rats Control

  • Tamper / dislocation alert

  • Infrared rats activity scanning

  • Fits variety of standard bait stations

  • Single click-of-a-button installation

  • Suit a variety of standard bait stations

  • Completely wireless

  • Remote monitoring via mobile and PC App

  • Constant 24/7 monitoring

  • Sophisticated mobile and PC App for dedicating tasks to all relevant contacts including QA managers, pest technicians, etc.

  • Low power sensor circuit, up to 1 year battery life

  • Rats activity reports providing Business Intelligence for rats prevention

  • No subscription fee for standard solution


Benefits of WisQo Rats Control

  • Rats activity scanning to optimize bait station / cage placement and trace the source and pathway

  • Avoid waste on site inspection manpower

  • Instant alerts on mobile and PC, once rats activity detected, to improve response time thus protect public image of clients

  • No need to hack the existing cage or bait station. Simple installation requires no IT qualification to operate or manage

  • Avoid contamination risks originating from rodents for clients to comply to the hygiene requirements

WisQo wireless Alert System is non-subscription based emergency call system ideal for hospitals, nursing homes & residential homes.


When & where is WisQo your best fit?

  • When you are renovating a hospital or nursing home or building a new one.

  • For renovations, you want to add Alert System to pass certain international hospital standard and don’t want to spend the long wiring time and high cost. WisQo can reduce up to 80% installation time and 50% installation cost.

  • For new buildings, you want to save the cost of laying wires and so on. You can freely design your architecture with minimum concern of placing alert buttons.

  • And when you spend too much manpower on monitoring status at the central station. You can use WisQo to handle all the alerts on the mobile App and dedicate tasks to all relevant contacts including nurses, care givers and monitor service providers, etc.

  • It is also good for residential homes who don’t want to bear the heavy burden of thousands of alert service subscription fees over a few years’ time. WisQo is affordable and there is no subscription. Our system start from a few hundred dollars and you can have the ease of been guarded for years without any extra charges.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple Do It Yourself set up with video tutorial

  • Wireless communication, no wall hacking required

  • Keep control in your hand by mobile App

  • Unlimited numbers of mobile monitoring accounts

  • Battery free design for Alert Button, no interruption from battery outage, no subsequent cost on changing battery

  • Up to 200 Alert Buttons can be paired with one hub – our Device Manager

  • No central station or dedicated staff required, monitoring can be done on mobile App by nurses and family members

  • No Subscription fee

  • Adjustable alarm volume on hub- our Device Manager

How it works

  • The Alert Button communicates wirelessly to the hub – Device Manager. Once pressed, it sends the alert to Device Manager. It works with no battery as it generates electricity from the mechanical energy of press.

  • The Device Manage then sounds a loud alert and notify all users of mobile App with the name off the Alert Button.

  • Guardians on the App can be dedicated to manage certain alerts. If the guardian is aware of the alert, he or she can off the alert, making the alert turn orange. If the case is taken care of, the guardian can turn the alert icon to green indicating that the case is well taken care of.

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