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Welcome to WisQo

  WisQo is a One-Stop Internet of Things (IoT) Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution provider that covers end-to-end smart upgrading to help enterprises maximize digital transformation value.

Company profile

Founded in 2005, WISQO is one of Singapore home grown companies with expertise in Innovation and design focusing onto SMART IoT. With its team of 30 staff and constantly increasing manpower resource, WisQo is able to provide cost effective solution into various industrial segments. WisQo strength in providing end to end solution is her niche this competitive environment, enabling our partner/customers to excel in their product features. One unique ability of WisQo is that we design our communication modules which is the heart of our IoT strategy, providing stability and quality of our solutions. We work closely to our clienteles needs, being the key point for our innovation.


    The Internet of Things will contribute 11% of the value to the global economy in 2025. In 2019, 89% of enterprises will be connected to the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things will change industries as deeply as the Internet, but we believe that the Internet of Things is not a disruptor in the electromechanical industry but an enabler. The value of the Internet of Things depends on the transformation of existing electromechanical equipment, and companies that have cultivated the industry for many years have innate upgrade advantages, including the trust of a large number of customers, the huge number of existing equipment, and mature channel resources


   Nowadays, our solutions have brought tremendous business upgrade value to our partners. The North American market-leading lighting company TCP cooperated with us to launch a smart lighting solution. TCP takes this from the traditional lighting into the new market of smart lighting, this market will grow to 20 billion US dollars in 2022


    With the help of big data to investigate the status quo of the industry, find out the pain points of industrial upgrading, combine customer ideas and our experience, and formulate the best solutions to help customers upgrade their industries, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Service section


Embedded hardware development

Electronic technology, electronic circuit design, PCB design


Circuit board design

Intelligent Control Embedded System

Hardware development
Software Development

Client App Development

WeChat public account development

Applet development

Custom development

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Backstage Management

Intelligent optimization algorithm

Wireless communication

Collection and storage of terminal data and statistical analysis

Efficient and flexible insight, analysis, processing, operation and control of terminal equipment

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