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  • NB-IoT/LoRa Smoke Detector
    This device shall be installed at places that are easy to reach. This device can send real-time SMS alerts during emergencies and allows for both local and remote dual control.
  • LoRa Temperature Sensor
    This product is suitable for locations with slow temperature changes, such as: online monitoring of temperature of power lines such as transmission lines, substations, and distribution networks. It is suitable for high-voltage transmission and potential application areas include high-voltage switchgear, transformers, high-voltage cables and other high-voltage equipment in the power, steel, mining, petrochemical industries, amongst others.
  • LoRa Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    This product is suitable for environmental temperature and humidity monitoring of switchgear, control cabinet, cable trench, monitoring room, etc. It can also be used in the temperature and humidity monitoring of the computer room, office and other special environments.
  • LoRa Water Level Sensor
    This product is suitable for places where the water level needs to be monitored, such as cable wells, cable trenches, pools and wells etc.
  • LoRa Water Immersion Sensor
    This product is suitable for immersion in water or areas with water leakage, such as cable trench, room immersion etc.
  • NB-IoT/LoRa Vibration Sensor
    This product is suitable for vibration detection and monitoring services in buildings, bridges, industrial online vibration monitoring, defense, automotive, train, lifting machinery, packaging and transportation, and elevators. It is also suitable for large-scale rotating machinery fault diagnosis. Wireless vibration sensors are used in industrial equipment state management and monitoring systems. They are applicable to field equipment maintenance personnel as it allows for timely monitoring of equipment status and problem-finding to ensure normal and reliable operation of equipment.
  • Wireless Base Station
    The wireless data transmission base station is configured to receive and aggregate peripheral sensor information and control corresponding sensors. The main function of the forwarding gateway is to forward the data from each collection node to the central server.
  • NB-IoT Smart Manhole Cover
    The smart terminal is installed under the manhole cover and is placed at water level under normal circumstances. Under normal working conditions, the smart terminal will regularly send signals to the server (via NB-IoT). Advanced trajectory analysis algorithm ensures accurate judgment of the state of the manhole cover.
  • NB-IoT Smart Access System
    This product provides real time updates straight to your app so you can stay linked wherever you are. It is easy to set up and keeps you informed even without electricity.
  • NB-IoT Smart Street Lighting
    The upgraded smart street lighting now has multiple functions including system status overview, site alarms.

Our Case Studies

NB-IoT Smart Smoke Detector


1. Interconnectable among devices in one floor. Among interconnectable smoke detectors, all sensors will alert once any of them is triggered.

2. Reliable and Independent NB Network

3. Up to 10 years battery life for Dual Batteries. 

4. Alert you via APP rather after accident happens. Local and remote dual alert, family member, neighbors, entity owners etc.

5. Low battery warning- Smoke detector will chirp when the battery is low


1. Residential settings

2. Commercial buildings

3. Industrial factories and warehouses


l. Fault detection and alarm function

2. Selected models have positioning function, built-in sensor status sensing, trigger positioning function for effective detection


3. Wireless transmission of test results

4. Additional functions such as water level detection can be added

Manhole Cover Framework.png

1.  Vibration sensor monitors the state of the manhole cover by sensing the measured opening angle of the manhole cover


2. Water level sensor monitors the water level in the manhole to manage urban drainage systems


3. RFID facilitates fixed asset management and operational authority supervision 


4. Positioning sensor adds GPS or BeiDou positioning function to facilitate system supervision and data binding


5. Gas detection sensor allows gas concentration monitoring for specific manhole openings to raise timely alarms

Manhole Cover Picture.png

NB-IoT Smart Manhole Cover


1. Connected living and working

2. Connected industry

3. Connected science

4. Connected health

5. Connected retail


1. Real Time Update

2. Peace of Mind

3. Convenience

4. Security

5. Cost - Effectiveness

smart lock framework.png

NB-IoT Smart Access System

smart lock photo.png
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