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About Us

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Light up the city night with the light of art

Professional team

    Relying on the opinions of industry experts, tailoring night scenes according to different characteristics and requirements of urban areas to improve the city's night style

O & M Service

  With the operation and maintenance data of the lighting intelligent management system, the project can perform asset preservation, value operation, effect maintenance, and function upgrade..

Technology-leading solutions

In the latest solution, single-line connection replaces the tedious wiring, and simple and fast remote control software replaces the on-site duty. Reduce installation costs and improve user experience

Smart Lighting Solutions for Public House

    With our local partner, WisQo provides comprehensive Smart Lighting Solutions for Singapore's Public Housing. To understand more, please email to us at now!

Cloud, Software and Hardware Development

Advanced solutions

        Aiming at the current defects in the industry, our company has developed the latest solutions to reduce engineering costs and improve work efficiency.

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