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WisQo Operating Manual

A step-by-step guide to making your WisQo devices work



Download WisQo's kinSmart application from the App Store or Google Play.

Register a free account with WisQo.

WisQo Kinsmart

1. Please enter your email address.

2. Click "Get" to receive a verification code from your email.

3. Enter the six digit verification code.

4. Choose a password between 6-18 characters without any special characters like "!>^'-{,&~

5. Repeat the password.

6. Click "Register" to complete the process.

  • Plug in the Hub. A blue LED should flash slowly meaning it is in connecting mode. If not, press the button for 3 seconds.

  • Connect your phone to home wifi.

  • Click the "+" icon to add the Hub.

  • Router name will be displayed.

  • Enter the wifi password and click connect.

It may take a few times to connect depending on different routers. If the connection failed, you may want to adjust your router security setting to allow the router to connect to hub directly.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Connect the router to laptop.

  2. Go to the router configuration page. most routers:

  3. Find the "Security Mode" setting. Identify the original security mode, the one that doesn't work.

  4. Try other security mode, preferably with a lower security level. 

  5. Now, you will be able to connect to the Hub.

  6. After successfully connecting the Hub, set the router back to the original security mode.

  7. The Hub will connect to the router with original security mode.

Useful tools

Here are some tools which might come in handy.








Turn off the power of the light from the circuit breaker.

  • Ensure that the power is turned off by flipping the switch a few times.

  • Remove the light fixture and uncover the wires behind.

  • You may also want to take a picture of the wiring for future reference.

  • Mark out the neutral wire (it is usually white).

  • Disconnct the wires.

  • You don't need to connect the ground wire.


Please refer to installation video:


L1 - connect to load

L2 - connect to power live

Neutral - connect all neutral wire together


*Live and load are not interchangeable

WisQo Receiver

Check and restore power

  • Ensure that the wires are well connected. Give them a gentle pull to make sure they are secured.

  • Install the light fixture back.

  • Turn on the power from the circuit breaker.

Add the Receiver

  • Place the receiver 7 feet away from Hub.

  • Find the QR code of the receiver in the box. Click the "+" icon to scan.

  • Once successfully added, you will be able to control the light on your phone.

Please note that if the receiver is not powered on, scanning the QR code will not add the switch to the App.

The QR code is also on the back of the switch. Please keep a copy in case you want to delete and add in the future.


  • Timer: You can set a timer by clicking on Settings and then Timer.

  • Pairing: You can pair the receiver to a wireless switch.

    • Using App: Click the "Pairing" icon, the receiver will enter pairing mode. Press the switch button to complete the pairing.​

    • You can also enter pairing mode by pressing the reset button on the receiver for 3 seconds.

  • Reset: If you want to remove the paired wireless switch.

    • Using App: Enter Settings of the switch, click Reset.​

    • You can press the reset button on the receiver for 8 seconds until LED changes to green.

  • Delete: You can remove the receiver from your App account and add it to another account by entering Settings of the switch and click Delete.

You can always Get Help from us.

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