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MUIS partners with WisQo for first government project

WisQo is approved by SPRING Singapore to develop Smart Facilities and Management Sensors such as Smart Lighting Control, Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitoring as well as Smart Pest Control System under the SPRING Singapore's Capability Development Grant (CDG) programme. CPG Facilities Management Pte Ltd is taking the role of Large Organisation in this scheme.

Majilis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS) is the first government agency to have installed WisQo's Smart Lighting Control and Pest Control System within their premises. MUIS has provided part of their office as a test-bedding ground for 3-6 months during the Proof-of-Concept (POC) period. CPG FM will be monitoring the whole process and provided an evaluation report of the test-bedding period.

WisQo's Smart Lighting allows for more effective control of lighting within a large area. Without replacing the existing lighting and circuit, the lighting can be separated into zones to achieve power saving. A simple installation of the WisQo's receiver in the light fitting is all it takes. Coupled with the receiver is WisQo's Smart Switch, which is wireless and battery-free. The existing switches in MUIS training room were found at the entrance of the room which too far from the front. WisQo Smart Switches can be placed at any location convenient for the user.

WisQo's Pest Control System comprises of a detection device which is installed onto a rodent cage. When a rodent is caught in the cage, the device will sound off to alert the relevant authority that a rodent has been caught and has to be cleared away. This is much more effective than the conventional rodent cage where no action is taken when a rodent is caught until someone discovers it. With WisQo's system, once the rodent is removed, the cage and the detection device can be reused after cleaning.

With MUIS being the first government body to engage WisQo's Smart FM solutions, WisQo is proud to have gained approval and looks forward to establishing further partnerships with other government agencies.

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