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WisQo Joins SIAA Singapore

WisQo is pleased to announce its membership into the prestigious Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA).

Founded in 2014, SIAA is Asia’s leading authority for the Internet of Things (IoT) Industry, and its vision is to be the leading hub for knowledge in the application of Automation, IoT & Robotics (AIR) technologies, catalyzing adoption to enhance business value in the region. SIAA aims to promote business through strategic alliance, application of technology & services to members.

As an IoT technology firm in Singapore, WisQo’s entrance into SIAA represents its position as a valuable player in the IoT industry of Singapore, where it strives to provide comprehensive solutions for users in both the consumer and industrial fields.

Together, WisQo aims to work closely with SIAA to create and enhance business value in Asia with our IoT technology and solutions.

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