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WisQo Invited as First Speaker for SIAA SME Outreach

WisQo was proudly invited to present at the Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA) SME Outreach event hosted in Singapore on 8 November 2017. As the event’s first speaker, our Founder and General Manager, Mr Yang Wenxin, opened discussions regarding the deployment of Internet of Technology (IoT) smart upgrade for F&B and services to improve productivity and growth.

With the increasing global attention on IoT and the benefits of smart upgrading, WisQo seizes the opportunity to stand in the nexus of the two, providing strategic consultation, smart upgrading and data analytics solution as part of its one-stop solution package to business enterprises.

As a high-tech enterprise with strong research and development capabilities and backed by a wealth of consumer understanding, WisQo wields the necessary and relevant expertise to advise and provide all things IoT related. WisQo sees a vested interest in becoming the forerunner of IoT development and strives to provide comprehensive solutions for users in both the consumer and industrial fields.

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