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Empowering Manufacturers And Distributors With One-Stop IoT Solution

It is estimated by McKinsey that Internet of Things (IoT) is going to make up 10% of global GDP by 2030. Companies have realized the vast opportunities presented by smart upgrades and are joining the bandwagon one after the other to enhance their competitivity.

However, companies suffer from aggregating hardware, software and a reliable IoT platform. The cost and risk of development due to the unknown is much too high to enter to join this cool new world quickly and readily. WisQo sees and understand this emerging need.

WisQo is a one-stop IoT solutions provider providing an end-to-end smart upgrade solution that eases partners’ concerns over reliable hardware, software and cloud development. By collaborating with partners, both companies stand to benefit from leveraging on competitive advantages – WisQo on our tech expertise, and partners on their capability to manufacture and distribute. It is only with fruitful collaboration that we can maximize business opportunities for both parties.

Join us on this technological revolution and benefit from our 3 Steps WisQo+ IoT Solution: Strategic Consultation, Technical Implementation, and Big Data Analysis services.

WisQo value proposition is simple: we help partners achieve smart upgrading. Enjoy rapid time to market, share and reduce market risk and avoid hefty development cost with WisQo.

Drop us an email at to let us know your concerns. Help us make tomorrow just that little smarter.

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