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Smart Lighting

Light switch wiring is a time-consuming and expensive task. WisQo Lighting Control reduces 80% of installation time. No more noisy and unpleasant chiseling, no more dust in drilling. No electricians needed to install the wireless light switch Controller. You can get smart wireless lighting with mobile App control for lower than the price of conventional wiring. WisQo can be installed into any home, office or restaurant in just a couple of minutes without replacing your existing light bulbs. Plus, the switch finds energy from your press, letting you an uninterrupted life time usage.

When & Who finds WisQo Lighting Control their favorite?

The best time to get WisQo is when you’re renovating an old house or building a new one.

  • For renovations, you want to have the maximum flexibility of placing your light switches. Fixed location of light switch may be blocked by a fridge or you just don’t want to dig a hole in the wall.

  • For a new buildings, you want to save the cost of drilling walls and laying wires. You can freely design your home without the concern of placing lighting switches.

  • Your old house don’t have the switches at the bedside. You just want to add a few new switches without tearing up your house or spending a whole weekend. You can do this with WisQo within a few minutes.

  • Or you just want to be able to control your home lighting on a mobile App, either to be cool or to save the electricity bill.

Features of our system

  • Wireless and batteryless switches can be places anywhere. And you don’t need to worry about changing the battery

  • You can control your lighting with our mobile App. Now you don’t need to walk into a dark house or get out of the bed to off the light.

  • Simply wiring that you can Do It Yourself with assistance from our comprehensive video tutorial.

  • All your existing bulbs can be controlled, you can keep the lighting design you like without changing bulbs.

How it works

  • Our control system works with a hub called Device Manager. The Device Manager connects to our cloud through your home Wi-Fi.

  • The Controller connects to the wire of your lights and talks with the Device Manager to report and control the ON/OFF status of the light.

  • The switch button commands the Controller to ON/OFF of the light.

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