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Temperature & Humidity System

Importance of temperature and humidity monitoring

The storage of food, hospitals pharmaceuticals, tissues, or organs, and any other temperature & humidity sensitive areas can be critical to operations as well as the well-being of people.

If compromised, spoilage of temperature and humidity breaches can cost millions of dollars and a single breach can destroy a business or hospital’s reputation, endanger lives and jeopardize long-term research programs.


Temperature and humidity sensitive areas

  • Food Industry – Cooking, storage & transit of food for producers, distributors and restaurants.

  • Medical & Hospitals – Vaccine/pharmacy storage & transit, hospital/research labs and ward.

  • Equipment - Server rooms, equipment rooms, data centers, telecom rooms, industrial tanks and refrigeration equipment

  • Mall and Building – Monitor T&H to achieve user comfort in malls and offices.  

  • Artworks - Monitor T&H to protect artworks in museums and exhibitions

Our solution – WisQo Temperature and Humidity System

Even with the risks involved, many organizations still reply on clipboards to manually document temperature, which is labor-intensive and error –prone. At WisQo, our technology has revolutionized the system and bought real-time monitoring to your fingertips, with a wireless and battery-free, solar powered monitor unit, enabling you to proactively detect temperature excursions and efficiently manage compliance and incidents.

Features and Benefits of WisQo T&H System

  • Wireless data transmission, Wi-Fi and cellular model available. Saves manpower on collecting and avoid human error

  • Easy to install, add on system requires no wall hacking

  • Self-sustainable sensor circuit powered by solar power/indoor lighting and backed by battery, enables uninterrupted usage and cut cost on battery or installing power grids

  • Real-time alert via mobile and PC App, customizable alert threshold, allows fasted response

  • Constant 24/7 monitoring

  • Customizable monitoring frequency and data transmission frequency

  • T&H reports for mobile and PC App, leverage compliance features and Business Intelligence data

  • Battery level display on App and alert when power is 20% or less to prevent power outage or data loss

  • Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit on device with one button

  • No subscription fee for standard solution

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