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The Internet of Things Transformation is a phrase that’s been floating around increasingly in recent years.


The injection of IoT technology to upgrade conventional components to smart components can bring about massive benefits for companies & industries alike. However, an IoT transformation runs deeper than just including a communications module in the component hardware. A complete IoT transformation involves overhauling both the hardware & software management system for the newly-smart component; with the cloud server, user interaction platforms & more importantly, data collection, analysis and protection.

This is where the challenge of an IoT transformation lies.

The WisQo+ Solution simplifies the completion of an IoT Transformation for our partners at minimal cost & effort


WisQo Hub


WisQo Cyan Cloud Server

  • Data Collection & Analysis

  • Asynchronous- Minimal Response Time

  • Flexible Structure- Unlimited Expansion

  • Fuss-Free Maintenance

  • High Security- TLS & Public Key Encryption 

Web & App User Platform

3rd Party API Voice Assistants

  • Amazon Alexa

  • Google Home

Customised IoT Transformation Plan Tailored to Your Needs

With a solid knowledge foundation in the M&E industry and the experience of bringing our smart lighting solution from conception to market, the WisQo team capitalizes on its strength to tailor an IoT Transformation plan best suited for your products & industries.


Swift & Agile Implementation for Time-Sensitive Industries

A mature hardware R&D team ensures that IoT Transformation plans are implemented swiftly and accurately to minimize uncertainties and the time-to-market for the launch of smart components by time-sensitive industry players.


Key Structures In Place to Preempt Future Requirements

Unique component characteristics are taken into consideration in our design of smart components to include automated alerts for routine component maintenance & repair when necessary & accommodate future data collection, analysis & protection needs.


Insures Reliability & Protection of Data during Collection & Transmission

Building upon the foundation of AWS & Alicloud, the WisQo Cyan cloud server incorporates Public Key & TLS Encryption into our system to ensure ultimate security of data during the collection, transmission & usage.

Request a complimentary consultation to find out how integrating WisQo’s IoT technology can aid you in taking on business challenges
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