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Our Profile  

Providing You World-Class One-Stop IoT Solutions




WisQo (pronounced Wis-ko) is an Internet of Things (IoT) company established in 2014 with offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Tianjin and Zhejiang with a presence in over 10 countries.


In line with our aim of making everyday products smarter and Wiser to improve your Quality of Life, we are dedicated to providing industrial end-to-end IoT smart upgrading to help enterprises achieve greater business value through an innovative digital transformation.

The Problem

Costly and Risky
Potential Market

The number of connected devices are estimated to reach 20 billion by 2030. More and more devices are getting smarter, which means conventional products face the risk of market elimination.


The IoT market size is expected to reach 20 billion USD by 2020. 89% of enterprises will use IoT to run their businesses. However,  bringing in a mature team to develop products that may not be market-ready is high-cost and risky.


No one solution provider has been able to tailor and customize comprehensive solutions or provide reliable after-sales technical maintenance and support.


WisQo fills the gap in the market by assuming the role of a one-stop IoT solution partner dedicated to upgrading our partners' existing products and enhancing their relevance in today's digital world.

Our Solution

We are an one-stop solution provider leveraging on accumulated customer understanding and extensive IoT development experience to co-create sustainable smart products with established OEM partners.

To be the trusted platform service provider that empowers partners in maximizing their smart upgrading opportunities.



Our Value

Rapid Time to Market

Our in-house R&D team has the necessary technical expertise to realise your upgrading aspirations

Save the hassle, cost and added risk of hiring or outsourcing a mature team by partnering with us

Share & Reduce Market Risk

Benefit from our accumulated experience and consumer insights in the IoT smart devices market.

Avoid Hefty Costs & Risks

Key Features


- 100% In-House Manufactured and Designed


- Web, App, 3rd Party API Design (Customizable)


- Asynchronous Server for Scaling (Local/Public)

We are proud to partner with


We are a corporate member of the

Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA)

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