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About Us

Established in 2014, WisQo’s focus is on creating the futuristic home, and our first step is with smart lighting.

Here at WisQo, our core mission is to work with technology and users, with the final aim of enabling them to achieve better, more futuristic home lives.

At WisQo, we place emphasis on listening to our users, gathering feedback and researching to create the ultimate product to best address these needs.

That's why we created the wireless smart switch for UK & Europe, where most houses are unable to use smart lighting systems due to the lack of a neutral wire at their switch boxes.


With technological insight, we have also integrated the use of our Hub into our smart lighting system, to stabilise connections and increase its reliability.

We listen closely to our users’ needs and promptly adapt our products to meet these ever-changing needs. This is why we chose to develop compatibility with Amazon Alexa, for the 11 million existing Echo users and 24 million more to come in 2017.

As a customer relations team, we also place paramount emphasis on creating satisfactory experiences for our customers. In this vein, our insistence on having strong aftersales support to users has also won us many happy stories to share.

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