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Collect missing information to reduce avoidable losses

Strategic Consultation

We provide tailored strategic consultation according to your product, market and industry needs.

Technical Implementation

We have an in-house R&D team with the technical expertise to fulfill your smart upgrading needs.

Big Data Analysis

We ensure that your data collection and analysis is optimized, secure and seamless to maximize insights.

Facade Lighting


  • Wireless transmission between hardware and server

  • The client uses the pad to upload and play videos

  • The server automatically adjusts the switch time by judging the weather status and season

  • Equipment polls automatically to ensure timely reporting of failures


  • Save installation costs
    Traditional installation: 2 power lines + 2 signal lines + ground
    WisQo: only two power cords required

  • Break the distance limit
    Traditional solution: the transmission distance of Category 5 B core network cable is less than 100 meters
    WisQo: wireless transmission

  • Easy to use
    Traditional solution: changing playback content requires changing the SD card
    WisQo: Replace video via Pad

IoT Smart Monitoring System

   With the developments in technology, the application of IoT makes the monitoring of power systems smarter and simpler.


  • Automation visibility and measurability;

  • Offering of competitive service through the use of real-time, high-resolution information;

  • Real-time performance analysis of products; Improving the current monitoring process by increasing operational efficiency, accuracy, flexibility and automation.




Listen to corporate ideas, tap user needs, and explore solutions


Products delivered on schedule, with "user experience" and "security intelligence" at the center


Industrial upgrading, profits rising and serving the society

We partner with OEMs to co-create with synergistic effects






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We Listen. We Develop. We Deliver.

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