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Strategic Consultation

A tailored discussion

Market Analysis

WisQo’s dedicated team of market specialists builds upon expertise in B2C retail to pave the way forward for our partnership and your development.

Together, we:

  • Determine your strategic positioning

  • Analyze the market and competition

  • Tailor an upgrading proposal



We advise on how to fully utilize your existing distribution channels and explore new ones to distribute your newly-smartened product lines.

  • Build on suitable existing product lines

  • Optimise and expand existing distribution channels

  • Explore new channels


Latent Market


We want to help you harness the vast potential presented by IoT to firmly grasp and eventually expand your existing market share.

We ensure your best fit to:

  • Product Trends

  • Market Trends

  • Industry Trends

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Tailored IoT Upgrading Strategy

Minimization of Latent Risk

Maximization of Development Potential

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