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SPRING, Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore Approves WisQo PACT Program

Under the Partnerships for Capability Transformation (PACT) initiative, SPRING Singapore works with Large Organizations (LO) to identify and implement collaborative projects between the LO and local SMEs in areas knowledge transfer from an LO to at least one SME; capability upgrading of an LO’s new or existing suppliers; or development and test-bedding of innovative solutions between an LO and at least one SME. With this PACT initiative, selected SMEs will be upgraded in the area of productivity, capability development, and gain opportunities to co-develop innovative products or solutions with of:LOs.

WisQo is proud to be collaborating with CPG Facilities & Management (FM) to provide smart FM solutions to their existing clients. CPG FM has obtained approval from SPRING for their latest smart FM technology development programme in partnering with a smart SME developer via the participation of SPRING’s Capability Development Grant (CDG) programme. With CPG FM’s affirmation of WisQo’s capability as an IoT solution service provider, WisQo is undergoing test-bedding at several government bodies.

WisQo is a high-tech enterprise specialised in research and development. A highly driven technical company that has a strong capability of production and sales of integrated solutions of hardware and software, WisQo dedicates to improve lives with the power of technology. In this day and age, connectivity is of the utmost importance, between people and devices. And this brings about a new technical jargon “Internet of Things” (IoT) which primarily means connecting devices and applications over the internet. Through IoT, we are able to improve efficiency in ways we have never done before.

WisQo’s smart FM solutions comprise of fused lighting detection and temperature & humidity (T&H) monitoring. Fused lighting detection is targeted towards companies which has lighting, signboards, etc. With our fused lighting detection system, faulty lighting and signboards can be replaced or repaired immediately. This will greatly reduce the manpower required for constant checking and monitoring. Once detected, a message will be sent to the control centre to prompt the supervisor. Currently, the lighting system is being implemented at IRAS office.

T&H monitoring is crucial for industries where the indoor air quality of the environment plays an important role in their business. Such industries include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agriculture, biomedical, etc. WisQo’s T&H sensor is a portable device and can be installed anywhere. It does not need a power supply as it is powered by a solar panel. It provides real-time data and can be accessed via a computer or smartphone. If the temperature or humidity falls out of the desired range, a notification will be sent immediately to the supervisor. Our T&H monitoring kit is being utilized at the offices of Singapore Sports Hub.

With industrial cloud-based networking platform becoming the future trend of development, WisQo strives to achieve sustainable IoT solutions for Facilities & Management and aspires to become a key player in the industry. Having formed partnerships with several leading development professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, WisQo is certain that our solutions have the capability to meet your needs.

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