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WisQo’s First Official Presence at CES: Google Partner Gallery and CES First Ever Smart City Segment

WisQo today unveiled its first official presence in CES first dedicated segment for Smart City innovation and in the Google Partner Gallery, where WisQo will be featuring its unique One-Stop Internet of Technology Solutions aimed at connecting enterprises to safe, seamless and scalable smart upgrades.

As a company dedicated to making large footprints in this technology revolution, the WisQo booth will feature the WisQo+ One-stop IoT Solution – a comprehensive end-to-end smart upgrade solution stemming from Strategic Consultation, Technical Implementation, to Big Data Analysis. Equipped with the combination of industry understanding and technical expertise of Hardware, Software and Cloud development, WisQo will prove to be a beneficial partner that will enable partners to enter IoT with maximized ease and success.

Connect with us at the WisQo booth which can be found in Tech East, West Gate, Booth 2404. As devices that works with Google Home devices like the Google Assistant, WisQo’s Smart Dimmable Coloured Bulbs and Smart Heating System can also be spotted proudly displayed at the Google’s Partner Gallery located prominently in the middle of Central Plaza (CP-21).

WisQo Private Limited (Singapore) is an Internet of Technology (IoT) Solutions Provider that aims to connect partners with game-changing one-stop IoT upgrade solutions that allows partners to avoid heavy risk and developmental cost and enter a high-potential market rapidly to reap maximum business opportunities.

By 2020, it is estimated that there will be up to 21 billion connected devices. Just in end 2017, Google announced that it has sold “more than one” Google Home device per second since the Home Mini launch. To date, Google has said it has sold “tens of millions” of Home devices. Everything is getting smarter, don’t lose out. Get connected.

At WisQo, we are not just an IoT upgrade solutions provider. We take it a step beyond – it’s not just about making products smart – it’s about synergy; it’s about creating what’s next – to improve lives of all.

Redefine Smart Upgrading with WisQo.

Check us out at our booth or drop us an email at to let us know your concerns.

Follow us at for our latest updates.

For further information, please contact: Wilson Yang, WisQo Private Limited (Singapore) Tel: +65 90126656 Email:

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