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WisQo is Appointed as Authorized Dormakeba DDL Distributor of Dormakaba China Ltd

Dormakeba, one of the top three companies of access control and security solutions on the global market, today signed a strategic partnership agreement with WisQo, to appoint WisQo as authorized Dormakeba DDL distributor of Dormakaba China Ltd.

With the help of China Telecom, wisqo signed a contract with Dormakeba today. The partnership will leverage Dormakeba’s brand and WisQo's one-stop IoT solution and China Telecom's straight sale channel to promote the popularity of smart locks.

About WisQo

WisQo Private Limited (Singapore) is an Internet of Technology (IoT) Solutions Provider that aims to connect partners with game-changing one-stop IoT upgrade solutions that allows partners to avoid heavy risk and developmental cost and enter a high-potential market rapidly to reap maximum business opportunities.

For further information, please contact: Wilson Yang, WisQo Private Limited (Singapore) Tel: +65 90126656 Email:

a One-Stop Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider to co-develop innovative and seamless smart condominium solutions to increase satisfaction of all its residents.

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