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WisQo+ Solution

We listen. We Develop. We Build.

Strategic Consultation

We provide tailored strategic consultation according to your product, market and industry needs.

Technical Implementation

We have an in-house R&D team with the technical expertise to fulfill your smart upgrading needs.

Big Data Analysis

We ensure that your data collection and analysis is optimized, secure and seamless to maximize insights.

Case Study

We partner with OEMs to co-create with synergistic effects

Customizable Automatic On/Off

Smart Away Mode (Safety/ Energy-Saving)

Voice-control Enabled

Remote Monitoring

Energy Saving

Convenience, Comfort

Smart Lighting


Enhance the quality of life with total light dominance. Control lights anytime, anywhere.

Consumer Benefits:

*No Wiring, No Hacking

Smart lighting market expected to be worth $19.47 Billion in 2022.

Set lighting conditions to wake up naturally

Choose theme to create preferred scene

Simple controls with APP, Switch or Voice

Customize controls: Zones/Luminance/Master

>>> Customizable features




Traditional System

Fixed Output (Induces Waste)

WisQo Control Unit

WisQo System

Monitors & Adjusts (Automatic)

User Benefits

Data Reporting (Bills)

Automatic Regulation

Low Cost Installation

3 cups



Control Terminal



- Smart Atmospheric Adjusting

- Smart Motion Adjusting

- Smart Geo Location On/Off

(and more features)

Optimal Performance to Reap Most Cost Savings

Customizable Smart End Terminals



Third Party API

Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

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