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Having trouble connecting the hub to your router?

You may find all our Hub-related questions here.




  • Are your devices compatible with Amazon’s Alexa?
    Yes, they work with Alexa


  • How do I pair my device with my smartphone?
    Simply download our free application “WisQo” from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
    Register a free account with your email. Ensure there is a stable internet connection.


  • What protocol does your devices use?
    We use the 433MHz radio frequency between WisQo devices. It has good wall penetration and little interference.


  • Does it support Philips Hue Bridge?
    Currently not compatible with Hue Bridge




  • What if my internet connection is down?
    Your switch will still be able to work just fine. However, remote access will not be possible until internet connection is restored.

  • I don’t use a smartphone. How can I pair my switch with the receiver?
    Firstly, plug in a power source using a micro USB cable into the receiver. Press a small button on the side till you see a red light flashing. When the red light flashes, click on the switch to pair. You don’t need to install the controller to the light fitting in order to pair, you can just use a portable charger to power it.

  • How many switches can I connect to one receiver?
    N number of switches.


  • Does it support 2 way?
    Yes. By pairing 2 or more switches to one receiver, you can control one light with two or more switches.

  • How many lighting can 1 receiver control?
    1 controller can only control 1 circuit.


  • Must I only install the receiver at the light fitting?
    No, you can install the receiver directly at the light fitting or on the circuit board.


  • What's the maximum power for the lighting?
    LED bulb: 100w. Non-LED 1 kw.

  • Does it support any kind of bulb?
    Yes. As long as the power is 100w or lower for LED. Or lower than 1kw for non-LED.

  • Can I connect more than 1 bulb to the controller?
    Yes. Just wire the receiver to the light circuit.

  • Can I use the receiver without the switch?
    You can use the receiver with the Hub without the switch.

  • I cannot pair the receiver with my Hub.
    The minimum distance between the receiver and Hub should be 2 metres. For all the controls in the App, the receiver must be powered on.


  • How is the switch powered?
    The switch does not require power supply, it utilizes the kinetic energy from the pressing force.

  • What is the furthest distance I can install my switch?
    The switch can be installed 35m away from the Hub and that includes wall penetration. If there is no obstruction between the Hub and the switch, the distance can go beyond 35m.

  • What if I need to install my switch much further than 35m?
    You can install a repeater which allows for much greater distance transmission.

  • Can I set a timer for my lighting switch?
    Yes you can. You can control the time you need the light to be turned off or on by using the kinSmart App.

  • Is it still possible to use a normal light switch after installing the receiver?​
    After connecting to a WisQo receiver, you have to use our wireless switch to control the lights. The original switch has to left turned on for the receiver to work. You can also short the live wire in the circuit box to keep it always connected.



  • Please make sure all receivers and devices are deleted before deleting the Hub.

  • Please do not delete Hub from app while it is offline.

  • For every device, there is a QR-Code attached to it. We would suggest you to keep a copy of the QR-Code and name of the device in your convenience location to ease change of pairing and adding devices in Hub in the future.

  • Depending on site internet connection, the response time of push notification may be affected.

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