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Everything you need to

know about wisqo's hub




  • I cannot connect my Hub to my WisQo App. 

    • Make sure the Hub has not been added to another account. The Hub is only allowed to be added to one account only.

    • Please connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network only.

    • Make sure your router allows devices directly connected to the internet

    • It may take several times for the Hub to connect depending on the router model.


  • I cannot connect my Hub to my router.

    1. Connect the router to a laptop computer.

    2. Configure the setting of the router by entering the address in the browser:

    3. Find the "Security Mode" setting. Identify the original Security Mode, the one that does not work.

    4. Choose another Security Mode, preferably the one with a lower security level. Set the same network name and password.

    5. Connect the Hub.

    6. After successfully connecting the Hub, set the router back to the original Security Mode.

    7. The Hub will connect to the router with the original Security Mode.

      Example: Linksys

      Original Security Mode: WPA2/WPA Mixed Personal

  1. Change to WPA2 Personal

  2. Connect Hub

  3. Change Security Mode back to WPA2/WPA Mixed Personal


Example: Huawei-893A

Original Security Mode: WPA2-PSK

Change to WEP

  1. Set the network name and password as the original Security Mode

  2. Connect the Hub

  3. Set Security Mode to the original WPA2-PSK

  4. The Hub will automatically connect to the network



  • How many devices can I pair with the Hub?
    The Hub can pair up to 200 WisQo devices.

  • How do I delete a device from the Hub?
    Ensure that the Hub is turned on before proceeding to delete the device from the WisQo App.


  • Do I need to connect the Hub to the Internet?
    Yes, it works with 2.4Ghz.

  • Do I need to connect the Hub to Alexa?
    Yes, connect the Hub to Alexa for it to work.




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